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Embark on a voyage with Domotica's Yachting Solutions, where luxury meets innovation on the high seas.

Experience seamless communication and control with our cutting-edge video conferencing system. Enjoy intuitive interfaces for streaming media and comfort controls, ensuring an exceptional user experience while prioritising privacy.

Enhance your onboard experience with immersive audio solutions, meticulously designed to complement every corner of your yacht. From sleek speakers to discreet installations, our audio systems promise unmatched sound quality, enveloping you in a rich auditory ambiance.

Elevate the atmosphere with sophisticated lighting control, seamlessly integrated to suit every mood and occasion. Our comprehensive range of options ensures functional, architectural, or ambient lighting tailored to your preferences, creating the perfect backdrop for relaxation or entertainment.

Explore our state-of-the-art nautical information device, providing real-time data and integrated custom controls. Tailored to your preferences, our solutions offer a complete set of visualizations and information for modern adventure, ensuring ultimate efficiency and safety for your crew.

Marine Superyacht Audio Visual Systems

Step into the future of nautical luxury with Domotica, where our bespoke Audio-Visual
Systems transform superyachts into sanctuaries of unparalleled entertainment and
connectivity. Tailor-made to meet the needs of the discerning seafarer, our systems blend art
with technology, enhancing the grandeur and elegance of your vessel.


Effortlessly stream high-definition
video to any display
on your yacht, ensuring a
consistent viewing experience
in every room.


Immerse your entire yacht in
crystal-clear sound, allowing
you to enjoy music or
entertainment seamlessly
across different spaces.

Home Cinema

Transform any room into a
state-of-the-art cinema,
offering an unrivalled movie-watching
experience with
superior audio and visual


Customize your environment
with intelligent lighting
solutions that create the
perfect ambiance for any


Keep connected with robust
and reliable Wi-Fi, ensuring you
and your guests have access
everywhere onboard.

Security Systems

Welcome to Domotica’s Hospitality Solutions, where we understand the unique demands of the hospitality industry. That’s why we’ve curated a suite of products and services designed to elevate the guest experience in hotels and guest houses.

Our guest room management solutions prioritise guest comfort and operational efficiency. From ensuring a welcoming temperature to intuitive controls for screens, lights, HVAC, audio, and more, we make guests feel at home.

In addition to these features, our Building Management Systems (BMS) further enhance operational efficiency by centralising control and monitoring of various building systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimization of resources.

Our integrated systems streamline operations, saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing overall guest satisfaction. Moreover, sustainability is at the forefront of our approach. Our products are designed to help reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions while ensuring optimal comfort for guests. With Domotica, rely on a future-proof solution backed by a global network of partners.


Find out more about all the benefits of automation with Domotica