Boutique Hotel

A stunning Boutique Hotelfeaturing 26 fully equipped rooms, each tailored for the utmost comfort and convenience.
Experience luxury like never before with our innovative Guest Room Management System:
Lighting Control: Customize the ambience with the touch of a button.
Card Reader: Arriving guests are greeted with a personalized welcome scene upon inserting their card.
Window Sensors: Energy efficiency is ensured as the AC powers off when windows are open.
Motorized Blinds: Enhance privacy and comfort effortlessly.
Desktop Dashboard: Control all rooms seamlessly from the reception or remotely for ultimate convenience.
What makes this project truly special is the state-of-the-art Guest Room Management System we’ve implemented.
Lights: Fully automated for comfort and energy efficiency.
Shading: Control natural light effortlessly.
Ventilation: Stay refreshed with automated ventilation.
ACs: Enjoy personalized climate control.
Each room is equipped with high-end touch panels for easy access to these features, offering unparalleled convenience to your guests.
But that’s not all! Our client can also centrally manage and monitor every room from a PC or even a mobile phone, ensuring seamless operation and optimal energy management.

If you’re looking to enhance guest experiences and energy efficiency in your commercial space, get in touch with us today!